Kore i-Size

Kore i-Size

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Kore i-Size

Quick and Easy Buckle up | Superior Side Protection | Grows with your child | i-Size safety |

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  • Quick and Easy Buckle up

    The open design makes it easy for children to get in and out their car seat and to buckle up on their own. They can grab the safety belt and insert it into the buckle within a few seconds. The belt guide ensures the correct position of the safety belt on the child's body.

  • Superior Side Protection

    The Kore i-Size shell provides full body side protection by covering your child from lap to head. Kore i-Size is also equipped with the Side Protection System Plus (SPS Plus), which consists of glass fiber shock absorbers in the side wings combined with energy absorbing material. This complete system provides superior side protection for your child at all time.

  • Grows with your child

    Designed for children between 100 and 150 cm, Kore i-Size expands in both height and width simply by adjusting the headrest. It gives your child more space and the utmost comfort.

  • i-Size safety

    Meets the highest and latest i-Size safety standards, offering maximum safety for your child.

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